Roller Coster Queen

Do links here work? Probably. Or they don't.

I guess this will be my attempt (such a sad, bland, attempt) at a wanna be newsletter. All my beloved newsletters are disappearing (Warren Ellis' and now Web Curios). So how am I gonna find interesting stuff on the internet again?

I'm pretty sure metafilter is still a thing. same with

Is this just a sad attempt of mine to wish LiveJournal was still a thing? Perhaps. Who knows who will actually read this. Or maybe, I'll become an influencer. To influence people...on stuff.

Or I'll forget this exists in 3 weeks and wonder why this thing called "birbs" is on my bookmarks bar.

I digress.

copy/past that. I'm not gonna HTML markup that nonsense. (I forget how to anyway. )

Strangely hypnotic. And I really just want to watch it on repeat.

and now for the hashtags!

#blog #birbsblog #links #newsletter #hireme #payme

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